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A living will can help you prepare for the unexpected

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2023 | Estate Planning |

Imagine a scenario where you find yourself incapacitated and unable to communicate your wishes regarding medical treatment. In such moments of vulnerability, is there anything you can do now to ensure your values and medical preferences are respected? The short answer is yes – through a living will.

This legal document allows you to outline your healthcare choices in advance. With a living will, you can make decisions affecting your medical treatment and specify the care you want or do not want when you are incapacitated. You can also state your preferences on resuscitation, life support or certain medical procedures. 

Your loved ones will not have to make weighty decisions for you

With a living will, your loved ones won’t have to grapple with heart-wrenching decisions while struggling to understand your desires when you are incapacitated. This can prevent disagreements and emotional conflicts among family members, which can sometimes lead to permanent fallouts.

You can reduce the legal uncertainty 

As a legally binding document, your healthcare providers are obligated to follow the instructions on your living will. This reduces legal uncertainty and ensures that your wishes are upheld, providing a clear roadmap for healthcare decisions.

It can give you and your family a sense of assurance

A living will empowers you to face the unpredictable future with a degree of control and a guarantee that your values and choices will be respected when the time comes. This gives you and your family peace of mind and direction during challenging moments.

If you are considering creating a living will, don’t hesitate to reach out for legal guidance. There are laws and legal requirements that you must adhere to when creating a living will or any other document related to your healthcare. Remember, the goal is to have a legally sound document tailored to your circumstances.


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