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Attorney Putting Together The Right Kind Of Will For You

In California, your will is the last statement you make to those you love. If you are single and have few assets, you still have the opportunity to designate distribution of your personal property to friends and family members. If you have accumulated wealth, your will allows you to direct the distribution of those assets among your heirs. If you are a parent, your will is the instrument that appoints a guardian for your minor child.

At Michael A. Sawamura, Attorney at Law, when discussing your last will and testament, I will help you evaluate all factors and determine how to proceed.

Why Having A Will Is So Important

Do you need a will? Yes. Every adult should have a basic estate planning package:

  • A will that provides for a guardian for minor children, appoints a trusted person as executor and directs the distribution of property without probate costs
  • A living will/health care directive/advance medical directive that provides guidance regarding your health care if you are unable to make your wishes known

Deciding On Whether You Need A Trust

Do you need a trust? Maybe. Single individuals, married couples, members of domestic partnerships and those who have accumulated even modest estates, including equity in a home, might benefit from establishing trusts. As your attorney, I will help you determine whether a trust is appropriate in your situation, or if a modest will is sufficient:

  • A well-prepared trust provides for the speedy and private distribution of assets without probate, and may provide significant tax savings.
  • Through trust administration services, your attorney can modify a trust in light of changed circumstances.

Methods For Avoiding Probate

Can I avoid probate? Probably. As an attorney, I work to draft wills that are written clearly and simply, preventing any confusion or openings for contests. However, if something has changed (a divorce, a child born, an asset acquired) since the will was written, that issue might need to be determined by the probate court.

When you are preparing to draft a will, it is important to work with a lawyer who has the experience to protect your interests and understands your unique concerns. If you would like to discuss representation or have another question about my firm, please send my office an email or call 916-248-4465 to reach my Sacramento, California.