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Apprising You Of All Of Your Estate Planning Options

At Michael A. Sawamura, Attorney at Law, my clients approach the future with confidence. Estate planning involves an evaluation of goals and resources, developing a strategic plan to accomplish those goals and drafting strong documents to implement the plan. As an estate planning attorney, I guide my clients through that process and help them build something positive.

The Importance Of Having A Comprehensive Estate Plan

Whether your situation is simple or complex, you need an appropriate estate plan. By providing clear direction regarding medical, legal and financial issues in the event of your disability or death, you relieve family members of uncertainty. If you have a modest income, with more debt than savings, you need estate planning documents suited to your needs. If you have accumulated a substantial estate to pass to your heirs, you should consider asset protection strategies. If you are married, you may want to take extra measures to see your estate passes to your family without unnecessary taxation or probate costs.

You will discuss sensitive topics with your estate planning lawyer. Your attorney must understand your goals in light of your resources and family obligations. When I begin to work with a new client, rather than asking them to complete an intake form, I like to take down the information during a discussion in my office or on the telephone. That discussion allows me to get to know the person and provide the best guidance. I personally speak with all existing and potential clients who call my office — even if it’s only to schedule an office appointment.

It is my goal to keep my clients outside of court. I keep the language in a will or trust clear, simple and understandable to ensure that my client understands exactly what the document will accomplish — and to avoid any confusion that might result in a contest.

A Wide Variety Of Estate Planning Services

The estate planning services I provide include:

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When engaging in estate planning, it is important to work with a lawyer who has the experience to protect your interests and will understand your unique concerns. If you would like to contact my office to discuss the estate planning services I provide, please call 916-248-4465 or email my Sacramento, California, office to arrange for an initial consultation.