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What does the executor of a will do?

When creating a will, you can't finalize the process until you've selected an executor. While you could make just any decision and hope it works out, this is a big risk that could put your estate at risk and your loved ones in an awkward position after your death

The three types of wills recognized in California

Determining how to leave one's assets after death can be difficult. There may be a number of emotions that come into play pertaining to one's own mortality and relationships with loved ones. As a result, some may find it difficult to find the best path forward. Fortunately, the estate planning process can be molded to fit everyone's needs. This week, let's take a look at the types of wills that may come into play during the estate planning process.

What to do if you're concerned about too big of an inheritance

For many Californians, estate planning is about setting their loved one's up for as much financial stability as possible. In many cases, this means splitting an estate amongst children or leaving everything to a surviving spouse. While many individuals wish they had more assets to leave to their loved ones, there are some instances where an estate planner may be concerned about leaving too much.

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