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What do attorneys look for to assess testamentary capacity?

Attorneys who aid clients in preparing their wills are required to assess that individual's testamentary capacity to execute such a document. The reason why lawyers are required to do this is because the decisions that you include here carry a lot of weight. If you're not fully aware of the choices that you're making, then you may end up making decisions that aren't aligned with your final wishes.

What is a testamentary trust and how is it different from others?

It's not uncommon for a decedent's heirs to question how they're going to keep on going once their loved one dies. Death is especially difficult for minor heirs. They may be prone to burning through what you leave them unless you put something in place to make sure that they utilize their financial resources responsibly. A testamentary trust can ensure that your final wishes are carried out as you'd hoped once you've died.

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