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What is 'undue influence' and how does it affect the elderly?

Theft under California law is really quite simple. Like most states, it involves intentionally depriving another person of their rightfully owned property permanently, and the penalties are generally assessed based on the severity of the crime. However, there is a more serious kind of theft that often goes unnoticed and unreported in California's elderly population, the crime of financial abuse.

How to weed out California estate planning scams

Seniors in California may not know where to turn for good, trustworthy financial and legal advice. There are literally hundreds of firms and businesses out there advertising for legal and estate planning services, many at an extremely low cost. It can be very difficult for unwary customers to tell the established reputable firms from the imposters and scam artists. When it comes to something as important as you and your family's financial future, it is worth taking the time to thoroughly investigate and research any estate planning service or company before trusting your time and money with them.

Taxes on beneficiaries could be very costly

Residents in California who are planning for the well-being of their future generations and heirs probably have a lot of common goals. For one, they want their heirs to be able to enjoy their inherited assets, whether it be a taste of the good life or a little extra something to help them make their ends meet or send their kids to college. Moreover, they probably want to avoid punitive taxes on the assets and property they plan to leave for their heirs and beneficiaries.

Estate planning a solid complement to retirement planning

People have probably heard it from the time they earn their first paycheck, "You need to start saving for retirement!" There is wisdom in these words, but unfortunately, there are many other facts of life that make this advice difficult to follow at times. Residents of Sacramento have student loans to pay off, rent to pay, and anything they actually can save for is probably for something short-term, such as a house, vacation or a new car.

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