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Michael Jackson estate issues continue in latest lawsuit

Readers of this blog may have seen a recent headline about the allegations against pop icon Michael Jackson, who now is being accused of molesting yet another young boy. This time the accuser is a man named Wade Robson, once a staunch supporter of Jackson, who became friends with the pop star at the age of 7. The latest accusations may extend the California probate proceedings for the Jackson estate, which have continued through a seemingly never-ending spate of estate challenges from creditors, alleged victims and feuding family members.

Same-sex marriage still up in the air

Same-sex couples and domestic partners in California may have something to worry about as they wait to hear how the Supreme Court's rulings may determine whether Proposition 8 will go into effect. In addition to this impending landmark decision, the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, is under court scrutiny at the same time.

Former prostitute wins estate challenge for child support

Readers of the blog and those who watch California current events are aware of the Silicon Valley millionaire who was killed in a home invasion last year and the drama that has surrounded his estate since his death. After his death, a woman came forward and claimed that he was the father of her two girls, ages seven and nine. Though the man's family adamantly denied the allegations, a San Jose court has sided with the woman and awarded her a monthly support amount of $1,800 for each of her daughters.

Murder victim's alleged lover challenges his estate

Last month the estate proceedings in the case of a murdered Silicon Valley mogul took another interesting twist, when the man's lover filed a petition seeking half of his estate. The Silicon Valley man was killed during a vicious home invasion last November, during which money and valuables were stolen and his wife was brutally beaten.

Google releases tools for digital afterlife management

Readers of the blog here in California may have noticed some entries regarding the growing concern about what happens to a person's online digital content after they die. Most people in the digital age have at least some measure of information online, which may include things like social media accounts, picture-sharing programs and even things like online accounts with certain financial and retail entities.

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