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Tips for storing and preserving your estate planning documents

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2023 | Estate Planning |

A comprehensive estate plan is undeniably essential for you and your heirs. Like most people, you probably spent a lot of time considering how to structure your plan.

Now that you have an estate plan that meets your needs, you want to ensure it remains safe and private. You have an array of storage and preservation options to choose from. Below are a few examples.

Home-based storage

Storing your estate plan on a bookshelf or in a drawer is not very secure. A natural disaster or an intruder could damage your documents or cause them to become lost. Those who prefer to keep critical documents close at hand often invest in a fire-resistant and waterproof safe to protect their estate plan.

Digital storage

Some people like to store digital versions of their important papers in a cloud-based environment. This option can have many benefits, such as allowing the estate executor and family members to access them in an emergency. Make sure to choose a reputable, secure cloud storage service.

Attorney storage

Most California legal representatives agree to store their clients’ original estate planning documents for secure safekeeping. However, you may also consider keeping copies of your plan in another location (perhaps one of the above suggestions) for easy access.

What to consider

When choosing a means of storing your estate plan, you generally want to consider three things.

  • Ease of accessibility, especially in an emergency
  • Protection from fire, water, theft and unauthorized access
  • Costs associated with storing your valuable documents securely

If none of these options appeal to you, ask your legal counsel for other recommendations. Chances are, they can suggest a storage method that will protect your estate plan while ensuring you or your loved ones have access whenever necessary.

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