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Estate planning procrastination: how to stop it

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Estate Planning |

Most people avoid thinking about death. The mere thought of our own mortality often makes us uncomfortable, and it depresses our spirits.

As a result, many Californians choose to put off estate planning until they feel “ready” to do so. For a lot of these individuals, though, the time never feels right. That is why it is important to sit down and really think about estate planning, even if it’s just the creation of a will.

Some people need spurring to take action on their estate plans, but there are steps they can take to help them start the process and see it through to the end. To start, it is critical that those who are engaging in estate planning recognize who the plan benefits.

Most individuals who create an estate plan do so in hopes that their loved ones are financially cared for as much as possible later down the road after the estate planner has passed away. Keeping this in mind, as well as visualizing what will happen to an estate in the event that an estate plan isn’t created, can be huge motivation boosters.

There are a lot of other considerations that can aid in the estate planning process. For example, those who are overwhelmed by the process can start off with a simple plan with the intent of modifying it as needed in the future. Setting up a timeline of when an estate plan will be completed can also be motivational.

In the end, estate planning is about protecting your estate, your loved ones, and any other individuals or entities for which you care. The process doesn’t have to scary. In fact, many people find that a great weight is lifted off of their shoulders when they finalize an estate plan. Those who are eager to obtain this sense of relief can reach out to a legal professional of their choosing to assist them with the process.

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