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Last week on the blog we discussed the tragic passing of Anthony Bourdain and some of the more particular issues he addressed through his will. It highlights an important concept: estate plans can be custom-tailored to meet an individual's desires. This means that if an individual wants to leave assets to particular people or in a particular way, he or she can do so in a way that is legally enforceable. Also, by being clear and thorough in one's estate plan, he or she can avoid confusion and the costly process of probate and probate litigation.

Of course, the only way you can ensure that you utilize the estate planning tools necessary to meet your needs is to fully understand those options. Most Californians have a basic understanding of the most elementary estate planning tools, but even these can be fraught with unexpected complexities. Dealing with other documents, like trusts and powers of attorney can be even more detail-oriented.

For this reason, many Californians turn to experienced legal professionals like those found at Michael A Sawamura Attorney at Law. Our team of professionals have a good understanding of all estate planning techniques and how to utilize them for individuals' benefit. We know how to identify potential issues that can derail an estate plan, which allows us to work to develop legal remedies to avoid those problematic situations.

At the end of the day, we want our clients to rest at ease knowing that their estate is taken care of in the event that something happens to them. We understand that it can be a difficult topic to discuss, though, which is why we approach it with compassion, understanding and an eye of protecting the futures of our clients' loved ones. If you need to create or modify an estate plan, or if you are facing an issue with an existing estate plan, such as issues with the validity of wills or trusts, please consider exploring what our firm has to offer.

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