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Estate planning can protect your assets after your death

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Estate Planning |

Californians make plans about practically everything. They may plan their weeks to accommodate their work, family and social commitments. They may make plans for their meals so that they know they will be able to feed their families even when they are incredibly busy. They may even plan when they will go to bed, so as to maximize the time they have available during the days and to provide themselves with proper rest.

One thing that most people do not want to plan for, however, is one of the few things they can count on occurring within their lifetimes: death. When a person dies they lose the ability to communicate about what they want done with their property and possessions. Without a plan, their important assets can pass through probate and wind up in the hands of people that the deceased party never intended to receive such items.

There is a way to avoid this fate, however, and it involves individuals taking a few simple steps to protect their wealth and evaluate their wants for the disposition of their property when they pass away. It involves creating an estate plan, and attorney Michael A. Sawamura is available to help.

The creation of an estate plan does not have to be a cumbersome process. Depending upon the wants and needs of the individual, it can contain several key testamentary documents that accurately spell out the individual’s requirements for the disposition of their items of real and personal property when they die. Estate plans do not fit into molds. Attorney Sawamura recognizes that his estate planning clients need legal advice that addresses their particular needs. To begin an estate plan and to take control of how one’s property is divided up after their passing, readers may contact an attorney.

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