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Issues to watch out for when choosing an estate administrator

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2022 | Estate Planning |

Most people feel honored to learn they have been selected as a candidate to handle estate administration for a friend or family member. At the same time, however, few people understand the depth of commitment involved in administering someone’s estate.

You have probably put much thought into your list of candidates and feel they can handle the responsibility of estate administration. However, your candidates could be experiencing personal matters that could make the role a hardship rather than an honor.

Encourage your potential administrators to be candid

When discussing the possibility of serving as your estate administrator after you die, always inform your candidates that they can turn down the role. Encourage them to be honest with you if they feel they are not up to accepting the appointment. Some of the reasons your chosen candidate might not be comfortable with the role include:

  • They have trouble getting along with your heirs and beneficiaries
  • They have undisclosed health problems to manage
  • They have taken a job that consumes their time and energy
  • They have a close relative that is very ill or near-death
  • They or a loved one are experiencing mental or emotional health issues

Ideally, those in charge of estate administration should have ample time (and energy) to devote themselves to managing your estate. The tasks involved in Sacramento estate administration typically take weeks or months to complete. Those embroiled in a crisis may find it hard to manage an estate while dealing with their issues, too.

For more insight into choosing the ideal administrator, we recommend learning more about the California probate and estate administration laws.

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