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Trust beneficiaries in California have many rights

| Oct 21, 2021 | Trusts |

As the beneficiary of a trust in Sacramento, you might feel that the trustee is taking advantage of you or over-managing your trust. Sometimes, trustees that want to manage funds ethically and responsibly may infringe upon the rights of a beneficiary.

Most of the time, such infringements are accidental. However, you do have rights as a trust beneficiary in all California locations. If you believe the trustee is taking their trust administration duties a little too far, knowing your rights helps you resolve your situation.

What rights do you have as a trust beneficiary?

According to the state government, trust beneficiaries in California generally have several critical rights, including ones to:

  • Receive a notification that the trust exists
  • Have a copy of the trust documents
  • Receive appropriate information and accountings of your (as the beneficiary) interests in a trust
  • Address and enforce the terms outlined in the document, including how to receive funds from the trust
  • Hold a trustee responsible for improper mistreatment and wrongful acts affecting your interests as the trust beneficiary

If the trust is irrevocable and the person that created it is still alive, you may have more or different rights. Irrevocable trusts cannot be modified, meaning that beneficiaries must abide by the terms detailed in the document. 

Regardless of the reason, concerns about trust administration or trustee wrongdoing need your immediate attention. Learning more about California trusts and trust administration can help you determine if you need to pursue a legal solution.

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