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Estate planning, long-term care and home healthcare

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Estate Planning |

A few weeks ago on the blog we discussed the importance of Medicaid planning when it comes to planning for the potential need for long-term care. Many Californians neglect to address this issue because they simply don’t think that they will need long-term care. However, many individuals find themselves inflicted with serious medical conditions that disallow them from taking care of themselves. Although some individuals are able to rely on family and friends for their care, this can prove to either be impossible or overly burdensome. This is where long-term care can come into play.

For many elderly individuals, it is of the utmost importance that they remain in their house as they age. Most people don’t want to wind up in a nursing home. Home healthcare can be made available to these individuals, but it will take advance planning to ensure that this is a viable option. This often means careful consideration of any existing medical conditions and how that may impose limitations on one’s physical abilities.

When it comes to planning for home healthcare, an individual must think about the level of care he or she will want. Personal care, for example, can ensure that an individual has assistance with matters such as bathing and basic hygiene. Assistance can also be obtained to assist with meals, household chores and even money management. Of course, some individuals need much more medical care that will require more extensive services.

Those who engage in estate planning can consider building long-term care needs into their existing plan. Special needs trusts, for example, can allow an individual to set aside funds in the event that long-term care is needed. Of course, as its name implies, estate and long-term care planning require forethought and careful consideration of many familial needs. In other words, the matter can be quite complex. To obtain assistance dealing with these matters, Californians can speak with a qualified legal professional who can guide them through the process.

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