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Our Sacramento firm knows how to address intangible assets

by | May 3, 2018 | Estate Planning |

Planning for your future can be a challenging endeavor. Planning for the future of your estate, then, can seem even more difficult. However, with proper guidance and some motivation, California residents can create an estate plan that works well for them and their loved ones. Assets can be protected, taxes and fees can be minimized or eliminated, and peace of mind can be obtained. Although this planning includes addressing physical assets such as one’s home, bank accounts, retirement accounts and vehicles, it also often involves intangible assets, such as social media accounts, cryptocurrency, other digital accounts and even copyrights, trademarks and patents.

Dealing with these intangible assets can be critically important. Failing to properly address them could leave loved ones without access or, on the other hand, it may leave access available to those who the deceased did not want to access the assets. Therefore, those who are looking for a holistic approach to estate planning that adequately addresses physical assets, debts and intangible assets should turn to dedicated and trusted legal professionals.

At our firm, we strive to ensure that all legal documents, whether it is a will, trust or other estate planning vehicle, are drafted with care in a clear and concise manner. Oftentimes legal documents are filled with legalese that does nothing but create confusion. We want our clients to understand what they are creating and what they are signing off on. In other words, we work hard to ensure that the estate plans we create for our clients meet their demands.

Estate planning is something that should be taken very seriously, which means that those going through the process need to carefully choose their legal representation. We therefore encourage those looking for an attorney to carefully vet their options before making a decision.

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