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by | Mar 29, 2018 | Trusts |

Holistic estate planning can address many issues. It can determine how your assets will be distributed upon your death, who will make your health care decisions in the event that you become incapacitated and even who will administer your estate. There are many decisions involved, and they can have a tremendous effect on the futures not only of the estate, but of those touched by the estate as well. Therefore, it is crucial that those who are engaging in estate planning ensure that their legal documents are thorough and specific, so that their estate is handled in accordance with their wishes.

Although there is a plethora of “do it yourself” types of legal resources available, those who are unfamiliar with this area of the law are taking a big chance by not working with an experienced attorney. What one may consider a small mistake can wind up having huge ramifications. A will may be rendered invalid, the terms of a trust may be negated and certain beneficiaries may be left without receiving the property they were expecting and that an individual was intending to leave to them.

There is too much at stake to take these kinds of risks. That is why many Californians choose to turn to experienced legal teams, like the one at Michael A. Sawamura Attorney at Law, for assistance. Our law office is wholly dedicated to estate planning and its related issues, which means that we know the law, common pitfalls and how to ensure that a legally sound estate plan is not only crafted but maintained.

Choosing an attorney to represent you is no small task. After all, there seem to be countless law firms out there offering similar services. This is why you need to make sure you are performing due diligence when selecting a firm that is right for you. We take pride in the competent and successful representation we have provided our clients in the past, and we are sure that our individualized approach will continue to benefit Californians in the future.

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