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Estate plans are not just for the ultra-wealthy

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2015 | Estate Planning |

Most of us do not know how to relate to the financial power of the super-wealthy. Whether they earned their money from the entertainment industry, in the tech sector, or through another path to substantial earnings, some California residents possess assets and wealth that dwarf those of our friends and ourselves. To us, it may make sense for individuals of extreme wealth to have estate plans: they need to know that their assets will not be lost after their deaths. We may not, however, see the same level of urgency in estate planning with regard to protecting our own modest savings in comparison to the affluence experienced by others.

This is a mistake. Anyone can benefit from having an estate plan, even if their assets are few and their intended legacy is small. This Sacramento estate planning law blog has explained the many benefits of avoiding probate and ways in which individuals may circumvent the preventable taxation of their assets after their deaths. No matter what the size of a person’s financial holdings or the complexity of their assets, they can protect what they have and provide for their heirs with a solid estate plan.

Attorney Michael A. Sawamura works with individuals of all financial backgrounds. He can help those who need complex estate plans to execute their testamentary wishes as well as those who need only a few operating devices in order to protect their estates. His firm is prepared to meet with new clients to begin the estate planning process for them.

Estate plans provide security for those who have spent their lifetimes working hard and saving for the future. It can leave a legacy for a person who desires to support the people and causes that meant the most to them during their life. Contact Michael A. Sawamura to learn more about how to start your own estate plan.

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