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Estate planning as a vital community function

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People who call the Sacramento area home know that a community is built one family at a time, and when people work together for mutual financial prosperity the community is strengthened. That is the philosophy of Michael Sawamura, who has made Sacramento his home and puts the needs of his clients first and foremost. He believes in the Sacramento community and wants to see his friends and neighbors prosper. By offering sound legal and financial strategies for estate planning to his clients, he has done just that for the last 25 years.

Estate planning is not just a professional exchange, but is really a more personal and private affair. Entrusting anybody with some of life’s most important financial decisions is not something that most people take lightly, which is why Michael Sawamura is committed to giving each of his clients the time and attention their case requires to keep their estate plan updated and up to the standards his clients demand.

Estate planning is a conversation about dollars and cents, but also the bigger picture. What does the client hope to accomplish, and who does the client want to protect? Can a client establish a trust for college tuition for grandchildren while providing enough income for a healthy retirement? Who should the client turn to for estate administration duties when they are deceased or incapable of making their own decisions? What does the client want to do in the event of a medical emergency or hospitalization? These are all routine questions that are commonly addressed during the estate planning process, and ones that require a great deal of honesty and openness to get to the right solution.

Michael Sawamura is interested in starting the estate planning conversation with new clients in the Sacramento area. He will provide the one-on-one specialized attention, legal knowledge and personal touch to make his clients comfortable to make the decision to entrust him with this incredibly important part of their lives.

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