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Elder abuse awareness day is a call to action

by | Jun 6, 2014 | Powers Of Attorney |

Seeking proper care for an elderly family member is common. As a person ages, different arrangements are set up to provide a safe and healthy environment for loved ones. Furthermore, certain documents are drafted with their best interest in mind. This can ensure that proper actions are taken in certain events experienced by the elderly loved one.

Residents in California might be aware that June 15 is officially World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. The problem of elder abuse has been drawing increasingly more and more attention over the last several years. Horror stories about physical, emotional and financial neglect and abuse of powerless senior citizens have shocked people into action to combat elder abuse anyway possible.

The theme for this year’s Elder Abuse Awareness Day is “One person, one action, one nation, united against elder abuse.” While this is a powerful message, it is a message that must be accompanied by swift and decisive action if people want to protect themselves and their loved ones from falling victims to financial predators who prey on unsuspecting seniors.

In California there have been hundreds of documented cases of seniors who are duped into making fraudulent transactions or surrendering sensitive personal information. This information could be used to hack their financial accounts.

One tried and true method for protecting seniors from elder financial abuse is through the use of a designated representative who is charged with the task of making and overseeing financial decisions on behalf of the senior in question.. An individual can arrange for a power of attorney to be designated on behalf of the senior citizen in the event that the person loses their mental and cognitive wherewithal or becomes incapacitated.

A power of attorney arrangement is also a flexible tool, and can be arranged in many different ways to suit the particular needs of the elderly client and their chosen representative. For example, a client could designate power of attorney solely for specific purposes such as bank transactions, which would provide an added layer of protection from financial predators.

This legal document can assist elder loved ones while helping to protect their interests and rights. Those seeking to draft such a document should seek guidance and assistance. This will ensure it is properly drafted and is enforceable.

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