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Sacramento Estate Planning Attorney

My Sacramento law practice, Michael A. Sawamura, Attorney at Law, focuses on wills, trusts and estate planning law in addition to business law and corporate defense services. My clients include professionals, government employees, small businesses, blue-collar workers and national corporations. My objective is to work closely with all of my clients, identifying and prioritizing their goals and providing legal solutions uniquely suited to achieving these goals.

Clear and understandable legal documents

When a client comes to me with an over-the-counter will or a trust prepared by another lawyer, the wording of the document is often unnecessarily confusing. This presents a danger since the person who signed the document may not truly understand what it says. The document might also be incomplete or fail to address necessary issues. As an attorney, I take care to see that every will, trust or contract I create is in clear, understandable language. Not only do my clients understand what they are signing, but the document is written with the aim of protecting them from future challenges.

Particularly in the areas of estate planning law and probate avoidance, you will be discussing sensitive and personal matters with your attorney. As such, it is important to work with a lawyer who has the experience to protect your interests and who will understand your unique concerns. If you would like to discuss representation or have another question about my firm, please call (916) 248-4465 or e-mail my Sacramento, California, office to arrange a consultation.

Michael A. Sawamura, Attorney at Law